Autoflowering Seeds

August 10, 2011 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Autoflowering Seeds

Buying seeds now these days is as easy as just clicking a button. You can hop on your computer and get seeds for any kind of MMJ you could possible think of. From AK to Grand Daddy the choices are endless. But in the past few years there has been an growing demand for “Autoflowering” seeds. Autoflowering seeds contain genetics from the relatively unknown Cannabis ruderalis and they have a few amazing characteristics, which are not present in your average Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica varieties which we were all used to in the last few decades. Autoflowering cannabis seeds stay short, grow very fast and of course they’re autoflowering, which means they start to flower automatically when they reach a given maturity, regardless of photoperiod. This makes it possible to harvest several times a year!

Autoflowering Seeds

A very useful seed for several types of growing situations.

Below is a list of the pro and cons for Autoflowering seeds we snagged from The Daily Smoker .

Multiple harvests per year
Autoflowering cannabis seeds will always flower automatically, this means that if you start early in the year, you can all of a sudden harvest your plants in the middle of the summer. This will enable you to start a new cycle again. If you have a very favourable spring and summer this could enable some growers to harvest three times a year! Let us compare this to the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Naturally, sativa’s and indica’s will grow in the spring and summer, and will only flower when the daylight hours are diminishing. This is around the end of summer. This will allow for only one harvest a year, since you are dependent on the time of the year.

They stay small
The genetics of autoflowering cannabis seeds will generally keep these plants on the smaller side. Sometimes they are even called ‘dwarf cannabis plants’. The largest benefit of this is that the autoflowering cannabis seeds are very suitable for small cultivation on balconies and smaller gardens. It’s even possible to get some nice results on a window sill! So all in all, perfect for the discreet guerrilla grower…

Very short growth- and flower period
Autoflowering cannabis seeds grow extremely fast and have a very short flowering period. Most autoflowering cannabis seeds available allow you to harvest within a period of 60-70 days. That’s from germination to harvest!

Resistant plants
Due to the influence of the Cannabis ruderalis most autoflowering cannabis seeds are reasonably to well resistant to many diseases and moulds. They are also usually quite resistant to the cold.

Autoflowering Seeds

Disadvantages Of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds:

Smaller harvest
Autoflowering cannabis seeds will grow smaller plants than the usual sativa and indica varieties. This is great for the guerrilla grower, but unfortunately also causes the yield per plant to be slightly lower as well.

Lower THC%
Due to the influence of the Cannabis ruderalis the THC% of autoflowering cannabis seeds is a little lower than that of most strong sativa’s and indica’s.

The popularity of autoflowering cannabis seeds is increasing rapidly. This has caused many commercial seed producers to jump on these varieties. The quality of autoflowering cannabis seeds has improved large steps very suddenly. The autoflowering varieties on the market now, are actually a world apart from the varieties available a few years back. Many important steps have been taken when considering the yield and quality of the autoflowering seeds on the market today.

We are already convinced and we are incredibly curious to see what the future of autoflowering cannabis seeds will bring.

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