Glycerine tincture has a 90% THC absorption rate. :)

February 7, 2012 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Glycerin THC tincture allows a patient to get the most THC absorption out of all types of tinctures available. Glycerine is a type of sugar alcohol (not alcohol), sugar alcohols absorb through the arteries. THC binds to the glycerine, & once made into a tincture the THC absorbs into your bloodstream very fast. Alcohol extractions are different than glycerin, because alcohol extractions absorb in your body less than glycerin.

Some patients may not want alcohol when they are taking a cannabis extract. Alcohol extracts can burn like ever clear extracts. Not all collectives, & dispensaries have extracts on there menu. Sometimes if there is no label you must ask if it is a glycerin, or alcohol type extract.

Many report this to be a power form of medicine, a small amount can be used. Only a few drops for pain has been reported to work for several hours in some patients. KC

” With the glycerine absorption method intake has been tested with various other drugs (mixed with glycerine as tinctures) with up to 90% absorption. Smoking joints sits at about 15%, the amount for using a bong ranges from 25-35%
approximately, and the amount for using a vaporizer or cooking ranges from about 45-55%.”

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