How Lynnwood Medical Marijuana Changes Lives

December 10, 2014 • Posted by: in Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana has been widely accepted and welcomed in Washington state. In cities like Lynnwood, it has helped change lives and bring hope to patients. Medical marijuana patients use cannabis for a variety of needs and with dozens of qualifying conditions, it’s now viewed as an alternative medicine with a wide range of benefits. Below, you’ll find some of the ways that medicinal cannabis has impacted children, adults and those who are suffering. Medical marijuana is often not about the psychoactive effect, but about the way it treats conditions and helps lift the spirits of those who need it. In Lynnwood, WA, thousands of patients use medical marijuana to make their lives easier.

Patients with epilepsy and other seizure related disorders

The number one way marijuana has contributed to the field of medicine is with children and adults that have epilepsy and other debilitating conditions. Marijuana’s second most common cannabinoid is known as CBD and it’s proven to be highly effective as a treatment for seizure disorders, especially in children. The cannabinoid has shown to dramatically reduce better the number of seizures the patient suffers from and it does this without making the user high. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. In fact, when combined with THC, it lessens its effects and provides a more mild psychoactive feeling. Patients that have seizure related disorders can simply take a CBD capsule everyday and watch their seizure decline dramatically. It has worked wonders for children around the country and now that medical marijuana is widely available, it’s changing lives.

Patients with chronic pain

Chronic pain is the most common condition for medical marijuana. The psychoactive effects of marijuana help make the pain more tolerable, while the chemicals and cannabinoids in marijuana interact with brain cells and actually reduce the pain. It’s a very effective remedy and it’s now being recognized by local governments. However, it’s not the effectiveness of THC, CBD and the other cannabinoids in marijuana that makes medicinal cannabis so popular for chronic pain. Medical marijuana saves lives by reducing opiate deaths. Recent studies show that by using medical marijuana as an alternative to painkillers and prescribed opiates, we can reduce deaths by overdose. Overdose rates with opiates have become scarily high and it’s a growing concern in the healthcare industry. With medical marijuana, patients finally have a viable alternative. Medical marijuana make chronic pain manageable and it does so without causing addiction. Lynnwood medical marijuana is habit forming, but it isn’t physically addictive for most people. Marijuana can be used safely as a regular thing and not impact the patient’s life in such a dramatic way or have a risk of overdose. Medical marijuana has an overdose rate of virtually nothing, as all related deaths are believed to be caused by pre-existing conditions.

Patients that are suffering

There are many patients that are suffering from PTSD, cancer treatment, AIDS and other serious conditions. These patients could benefit greatly from medical marijuana. Cannabis can make it easier to cope with their struggles and get relief from the side effects of their condition. Patients that are suffering rightfully deserve medical marijuana.

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