Cannabis Oil A Real Miracle Medicine?

January 12, 2012 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Recent research shows actually reduction in cancer cell growth, by using hash oil!
The vast healing ability of cannabis is still being discovered, & a lot that has been medically proven. Like the ability for cannabis to decrease pain, nausea, & many other conditions. The incredible diverse applications of cannabis is truly profound, including its ability to kill MRSA. So many beneficial uses are currently known, & many more to be discovered, research shows ...

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Growing Techniques:

January 10, 2012 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Scrog Video Link,SCROG

This type of cultivation, called scrog, is based on the horizontal grow and it permits to optimize variable factors, as vertical space and light.
The theory is very simple: a horizontal net (at about 10 cm from the medium) is settled, and the plant will be forced to pass through the holes of the net. This technique is particularly indicated for small spaces, where the height of the plant can ...

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What makes your cannabis smell, & taste so good?

January 6, 2012 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Guys, my work with tinctures takes me into the world of alchemy, and terpenes are the wizard’s medicine.
As you will all know only too well, the aromas and perfumes of cannabis are different with each strain. From an alchemist’s viewpoint when blending tinctures, it is critical to have good strainal knowledge, as each strain has a different clinical application.
This article is to help you understand the terpenes a little better, such ...

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Cannabis May Make Your Brain Grow.

January 4, 2012 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

"Cannabis Effects On The Brain"

Marijuana may make your brain grow?

One synthetic cannibinoid has the same effect on part of the brain as antidepressants.One synthetic cannibinoid has the same effect on part of the brain as antidepressants.© Punchstock

Most addictive drugs inhibit the growth of new brain cells. But injections of a cannabis-like chemical seem to have the opposite effect in mice, according to new research. Experts say that the results, if ...

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Inhaled Cannabis Beneficial For Fibromyalgia Patients

December 28, 2011 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Barcelona, Spain: The use of cannabis is associated with beneficial effects on various symptoms of fibromyalgia, including the relief of pain and muscle stiffness, according to the results of an observational case-control study published online in the journal PLoS (Public Library of Science) ONE. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome associated with musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. Symptoms of fibromyalgia are poorly controlled by conventional medications.

Investigators at the Institut de Recerca Hospital del Mar ...

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We’re Fed Up! – An Open Letter From 30,000,000 Marijuana Smokers Who Vote.

December 24, 2011 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Because of our diversity and direct democracy, California has always been a “test state” for many new ideas and political reforms. The Federal government is now targeting California and its Medical Marijuana patients to create a test case out of us.

They are afraid to change the status quo. But it is not just Medical Marijuana patients, or even marijuana smokers they are targeting.

The people of the state of California are the ones who ...

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Ever wonder what makes cannabis purple?

December 22, 2011 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Ever wonder what makes cannabis purple?

“The reason some strains of marijuana turn purple is the same reason why some trees leaves turn colors in the fall, why red grapes are purple, why a blood orange is so red, why an eggplant is purple, why blueberries are blue, and why black raspberries are black. This phenomenon is caused by the occurrence of something known as anthocyanin accumulation which ...

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Choosing A Cannabis Strain?

December 18, 2011 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Choosing the best strain of Cannabis for a geographical area is not difficult. Indica, sativa, feminized and the new auto-flower are the basic cannabis families.

SATIVAS – The polar opposite of indicas. Tall, thin plants, narrow leaves, lighter green colors, grow quick, extend to heights of 20 feet in some cases. Sativa origins are traced back to Mexico, Columbia and southeast Asia. Flowering times vary from 10 to 16 weeks, normally ...

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The Origins, & Uses Of Kush Cannabis

December 13, 2011 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

Kush a popular strain of Cannabis, can be a very effective medicine for many types of patients. The Kush Indica strain has been known to help with back pain, & Kush is also noted for it’s powerful sedative effects.

“Kush refers to a subset of strains of cannabis Indica. The origins of Kush cannabis are from land-race plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India with the name coming from the ...

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Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use

December 7, 2011 • Posted by: in Green Wellness

“While more people see the evidence from doctors, & patients that Cannabis is an effective medicine. People are looking at total legalization, & Gallup poll show 50% now support legalization. We need all 50 States to legalize Cannabis for medical use, this is critical for patients that are in pain. We the citizens deserve our right to medical alternatives like Cannabis. No person with medical problems should have to suffer because of myths, ...

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