About Us

“Green Wellness provides naturopathic medicine, health education,
and lifestyle coaching essential to an individual’s successful achievement of personal wellness”

Our Mission

Green Wellness provides the health education, lifestyle coaching, and naturopathic medicine essential to an individual’s successful achievement of personal wellness.

Business Culture

Green Wellness provides the community and patient with the most current, innovative and dynamic wellness information and services possible.

What We Do

Green Wellness brings to light each individual’s personal wellness potential, and facilitates their journey to harmonious fitness.


What Services We Offer

We educate patients that their life story holds the answers to wellness, and provide naturopathic service support to inspire and assist them in creating a holistic lifestyle. Services include Medical Marijuana recommendation, herbal supplement planning, dietary suggestions, food and allergy testing, naturopathic treatment.

What Value We Provide

We provide an innovative, supportive and healing environment that facilitates personal growth and creativity. People ready to listen from within themselves, and who need naturopathic support while working towards their personal wellness find the most value in Green Wellness.

Our Pride


Everyday, we bring holistic living to the forefront of our community.


Our team initiates wellness communication and education for the world’s community.


We provide the highest quality products and services in a dynamic, fun and learning environment.


We uphold all of our teachings and practices with transparency and truthfulness.


Our team continually provides creative natural innovations for your support in holistic living.


Treat all beings with care, compassion and respect