Why Green Wellness?

There are a number of reasons why the network of Green Wellness Naturopathic Clinics are preferred in Washington State. The Green Wellness team works daily to satisfy the needs of patients, improve services, and educate the public about alternative health care. If you are wondering, “Why should I see Physicians working with Green Wellness, instead of any other ol’ place?” check out what we have to offer you.

Green Wellness offers a number of convenient locations for patients. Currently, we have offices in Lynnwood, Olympia, Vancouver, and Spokane Valley.

Specialized Naturopathic Physicians see patients for many different conditions, and will introduce you to Alternative medicine through natural, effective treatment plans.

The practices in the Green Wellness employee’s closely monitor State and Federal guidelines, and are always up-to-date on the most recent legislation. We understand that this legislation can and will affect our patients, and will do our best to educate you through this process. Click here Department of Health Website.

Your information is 100% secure and confidential with Green Wellness. You can have confidence that your contact information and medical records will not be available to any individual or otherwise, and are stored securely!

We do our best to not only provide patient with the best holistic health care referrals, but also point you the right direction to gain education about respective conditions, treatments, supplements, and general holistic health.

“We believe that medicine should include the whole person, not just treating the ailment.”