Medical Records

Not sure how to obtain your records? Green Wellness can help!

We can send a medical records request to the medical facility of your choosing. We use an e-form through a secure, HIPAA compliant company to ensure your patient privacy & proper handling of sensitive documents.

Submit the form below, one of our patient representatives will send you a Docusign form to request your records from your Doctor.
Docusign is an online form that does not require any downloads, or printing.
You simply fill out the form with the information needed, digitally sign the bottom and that’s it! Leave the rest up to Green Wellness. We will request your records, and call you once the records have been received and placed to your account. This ensures that you are ready to make an appointment, or you are all set for your scheduled appointment.

Request Medical Records with this form. Request your records to be sent to Green Wellness, or obtain your patient file from previous visits at Green Wellness.

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