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Green Wellness offers an office on the east side of the state, Medical Marijuana evaluation and examination, Naturopathic Care and procedures performed by specialized health care providers. You can be sure that you, your health and your privacy are top priority. One of the highly sought after Medical Marijuana / CBD experts can get you on the path to wellness today.

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Medical Marijuana Card Requirements For Marijuana Medical Card

Discover the best and most affordable medical marijuana card services in Spokane Valley at Green Wellness. Experience top-notch care and support throughout the process, ensuring quality and accessibility for your health needs:

Proof of residency

A valid government-issued ID or other documentation showing that you reside in the state where medical cannabis is legal.

Medical documentation

Records indicating your qualifying medical condition(s) as defined by your state’s regulations.

Healthcare provider recommendation

A signed recommendation or certification from a licensed healthcare practitioner (e.g., a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) authorized to recommend medical cannabis in your state.


Complete and apply for your state’s medical marijuana program, which may include a registration fee

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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Spokane Valley

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Spokane Valley is a valuable resource for those seeking alternative treatments for qualifying conditions. By connecting with state-licensed healthcare practitioners, eligible patients can receive expert guidance and access to regulated cannabis products.

A medical marijuana card in Spokane Valley paves the way for better symptom management, enhanced quality of life, and a more personalized approach to healthcare.

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