7 Insane truths about medical marijuana

The medical marijuana industry is big and only getting bigger. With that in mind, lets examine some of the insane facts that have managed to sneak their way through the cracks.

As medical marijuana continues to spread in popularity, a great deal of the original stigma surrounding cannabis is beginning to dissipate. For instance, west wendover dispensary are an example of medical dispensaries that have been springing up all over the US. But there are loads of dispensaries that have sprung up in the US, due to the recent popular demand (and people being accepting of them). If West Wendover is too far for you, then don’t worry there are loads of other ones you could go to such as this michigan dispensary. As additional research comes out showing the positive effects of marijuana, interesting facts regarding its use throughout time begin to emerge. For Spokane marijuana users, these insane truths are add to the colorful debate surrounding the medical and recreational use of marijuana in the United States. With that in mind, lets examine 7 cool truths regarding medical marijuana.

Addiction Rates

Being a Schedule 1 drug, the United States government states that marijuana is incredibly addictive and terribly harmful. That being said, the overwhelming amount of research available shows that only 9% of marijuana users have the risk of becoming clinically dependent.

A Better Treatment Option

Medical marijuana has been shown though studies again and again to be less harmful then tobacco or alcohol. When ranking the positive effects all of these have on treating chronic pain, marijuana is the clear front runner.

Similar Risk To Be Considered

Smoking marijuana for medical purposes as well as recreation poses some of the same risks as smoking cigarettes. This includes Bronchitis and respiratory illnesses. While marijuana is significantly less addictive then smoking, it still should not be done lightly.

Considerations For Full Fledged Legalization

It is believed that if Medical Marijuana moved to fully recreational in all 50 states, then roughly 8.7 billion dollars in taxes would be created every year. In addition, this would make it easier for medical marijuana users to find the marijuana they need for treatment. At the moment it could be quite hard for people who need medical marijuana to find a dispensary. They may even have to look online to see if there are any near them. An example would be searching “medical marijuana ohio“.

A Long History Of Legalization In One Northern State

While most people consider medical and recreational legalization to be recent, Alaska has legalized marijuana for personal use since 1975.

Research and Anti-Cancer Potential

Research is currently being done on its effects in cancer in the body. There is believed to be a marijuana derived compound that forces cancer cells to freeze and to stop them from spreading.

The First To Ban And One Of The First To Reconsider

Nearly 100 years ago, California became the first state to ban the use of marijuana for both recreational and medical use. Now it is a hotbed for marijuana related dialog again as the use of medical marijuana continues to spread through Spokane marijuana users and beyond.

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