Popular podcasts about marijuana

Podcasts can be an excellent way to learn about a variety of subjects. With that in mind, lets review some of the best podcasts that cover Medical Marijuana topics.

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are both facing an uphill battle. While the long struggle has seen a number of states accept both medical and recreational marijuana usage, it is still a slow process. However, if it marijuana has been legalised (for both medical and recreational use), then you might be interested to check out something like these bongs for sale from dopeboo.com. However, one of the chief problems is a lack of useful and critical information regarding scientifically proven pros and cons of medical marijuana usage. What we need are sources of information that help to organize marijuana related news, as well as focus on it as a topic. This is where podcasts come in. Whether you are a Spokane cannabis user or a Florida resident interested in the positive uses of medical marijuana, podcasts can be an excellent way to learn about the larger discussion currently going on. With that in mind, lets talk about some must watch podcasts that cover medical marijuana issues.

Cannabis Cuts

Addressing the wider Bay Area, Cannabis Cuts is centered around medical marijuana, recreational use, and everything in between. What sets them apart from other podcasts are their industry guests, medical experts, journalists, and musical guests. Providing both interesting information and hard hitting commentary, the Cannabis Cuts is as relevant to Californians as it is to Spokane cannabis enthusiasts. In addition, it provides an interesting look at how the state of California is dealing with the implementation of medical marijuana while still not allowing recreational usage.

Cannabis Agenda Podcast

Cannabis Agenda Podcast focuses on growing and expanding what information currently exists regarding medical and recreational use for marijuana. Along with providing useful information regarding the field, it is also helpful for anyone looking to expand their understanding of growing techniques as well as get even more information on the benefits of medical marijuana usage. This is definitely a good source of information if you are pro-cannabis use.

The Potcast

The Potcast is a weekly news roundup for all information regarding marijuana. This includes information on where current medical marijuana state legislation is, as well as anything else regarding medical and recreational use. Straight to the facts, this podcast is an excellent way to stay up to date on the subject. In addition, it is easily accessible regardless of where you are in the United States.

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