Washington State’s changing medical marijuana laws

    You may have heard about the recent changes to medical marijuana laws on July 1st, 2016 here in Washington State. The benefits of being a medical marijuana patient extends beyond the successful treatment of ailments such as:
  • Growing 4 plants for your own consumption. 6+ if you are registered with the Dept. of Health Voluntary Patient Database.
  • Any medical patient can have up to 6 oz. of marijuana at any time. Up to 8+ oz. if you are registered with the Dept. of Health Voluntary Patient Database. These limits are 3 times more than a recreational marijuana user here in Washington.
  • Patients who are on the Voluntary Patient Database have added benefits such as exemption from sales tax and provided arrest protection if following the laws.
  • Co-op growing is available to medical marijuana patients, up to 4 patients per Co-op.

Click here to download the Database Brochure

Click here to download the Cooperatives Brochure (Co-op Growing)

Want to find a medically endorsed shop near you?
Click here to view an interactive map of the 360+ medical endorsed shops in Washington. Below the map, click on the link to download the spreadsheet of all locations as well.
Green Wellness provides their patients with care specific to their needs as a marijuana patient. We give you education and resources tailored to fit your personal treatment plan. We also provide 24 hour verification online, and by phone so you will always have access to your medication.

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